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How Auto Shows Shape Consumer Behavior and Industry Trends


How Auto Shows Shape Consumer Behavior and Industry Trends

Understanding how auto shows shape consumer behavior and industry trends is vital for vendors and clients alike. According to a recent study by Productions Plus, these events play an essential role in the consumer vehicle research process. Moreover, this extensive research, involving 14,908 auto show attendees from across the U.S., highlights the unmatched influence of in-person marketing and educational experiences provided by auto shows.

Key Insights from the Research on How Auto Shows Shape Consumer Behavior and Industry Trends

The study gathered data from attendees at ten auto shows nationwide. Consequently, these shows collectively attracted 920,316 visitors, representing regions with 1.6 million new retail light vehicle registrations. Therefore, the findings reveal the immense impact of auto shows on both consumers and the automotive industry.

How Auto Shows Shape Consumer Behavior and Industry Trends

1. Hands-on Vehicle Experiences

Auto shows provide invaluable hands-on experiences. For instance, on average, attendees spend 2.8 hours on the show floor, visiting 8.6 OEM exhibits and experiencing 10.1 vehicles. This amounts to 2.5 million hours on the show floor, 7.9 million display visits, and 9.2 million firsthand vehicle experiences.

  • Notably, 74% of attendees come to learn about new vehicle technologies.
  • Furthermore, 42% are more likely to purchase a vehicle they test drive or ride in onsite.
  • Additionally, 64% of attendees are between 22 and 55 years old.
  • Interestingly, 94% wished to see a brand that was not present at the show.

2. Influence on Purchase Decisions

Auto shows are crucial for consumers in the market to buy a vehicle. Specifically, the data shows:

  • 43% of attendees plan to purchase a vehicle within the next 12 months.
  • Moreover, 76% of these in-market consumers report that a brand’s absence from an auto show impacts their purchase decision.
  • In addition, 37% added a brand to their consideration list due to their auto show experience.
  • Finally, 69% found the auto show helpful in their purchase decision-making process.

Jennifer Morand, President of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, emphasizes that auto shows are unmatched in their ability to influence buying decisions, even in the digital age. They provide a platform for showcasing the latest products and technologies directly to qualified buyers.

The Role of Auto Shows in Promoting EV Adoption

With the automotive industry shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative fuel options, auto shows have become vital educational platforms. The research found that before attending an auto show, one-third of attendees knew little about EVs. However, by the end of their visit, they had gained significant insights into driving, charging, and maintaining these vehicles.

John Sackrison, Executive Director of the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association, highlights the nationwide patterns in consumer expectations and behaviors observed in the study. Consequently, this consistency underscores the strength and value of the auto show platform.

Future Collaboration and Data-Driven Insights

Part of the Auto Show Insights Initiative by Productions Plus, marks the first time ten unique auto shows collaborated on a unified data collection effort. Therefore, it sets the stage for future cooperation and data sharing to provide manufacturers with valuable consumer insights.

Hedy Popson, CEO of Productions Plus, and Chief Research Officer Amy Emmatty stress the importance of these events in connecting consumers and brands. The data demonstrates that auto shows are the most influential factor affecting new vehicle purchase decisions, surpassing digital, TV, and other media forms.

For more details on the survey findings, visit the Auto Show Insights Initiative

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