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Benefits of Nation Safe Drivers Real-Time Tracking


Sometimes life throws us a fat pitch right down the middle. What we do with that is entirely up to us. Will we take a wild swing and miss? Or will we connect, and send that ball to the next stratosphere? For some people, becoming a Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) vendor is the same as hitting a homerun. After all, an NSD vendor will see their business soar instantly.

Today, NSD has more than 15 million new customers and more than $500 million in annual sales.

Is Vendor Capable of Learning New Technologies?

More than 30 million people across the country are shielded by NSD’ protection. If their car breaks down, or if they get sick, or if they encounter countless other predicaments, NSD will provide a solution.

Few treasures in life are as valuable as protection. When one is protected, they have a worry-free mind. Instead of being at the mercy of whatever road hazard a tire meets, NSD members can spend their time deliberating important stuff.

Technology is why NSD is voted the #1 roadside assistance provider year after. The most up-to-date software programs allow NSD call centers to absorb all necessary information and then dispatch the required assistance in the fastest time in the industry. Metadata reading technologies enable NSD adjusters to process claims in the fastest time in the industry.

Much of this is due to NSD providers and their ability to utilize this relevant technology. As a result, becoming an NSD provider requires a basic aptitude for technology. But when this technology is harnessed, the provider’s business will benefit tremendously.

For example, the digital platform that all NSD providers use is simple. A provider just needs to press a button to accept a job, and then signal that they are on their way. NSD provides training on all their equipment. As soon as the provider feels comfortable using the digital platform, they will find a seemingly infinite pool of potential customers. NSD’ in-house IT department is equipped with the latest fleet management and telemetric software applications on the market.

Such efficiency…

  1. Allows the largest possible number of members to be serviced.
  2. Provides the greatest possible amount of revenue for vendors.

Spare Yourself Headaches and Partner with NSD

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are either in the business or are contemplating entering the tow truck trade. Tow truck drivers commonly assume that partnering with a huge insurance company is the surest way to improve business. That neon billboard blazing in your brain is huge and very enticing. It promises more money with less effort. Partnering with a huge insurance company, which is already a prominent leader in the roadside industry, is a seemingly straightforward way to improve business.

Try to divert your attention from that neon sign though, because quite often, bold promises fall flat. Simply put, more business requires more equipment. Many tow truck drivers fall into the trap of contracting with huge insurance companies, lured by more business and more profit. So, the fish goes for the bait, and they start working for this insurance company.

At first, they are delighted with the surge of business. But then, they discover that they need a new truck to sustain the business, maybe even another truck. Such immense expenses will eat away at the profits that the extra business created. This is where the tow truck driver will reach an insurmountable peak. To traverse the peak, the driver will need proper equipment.

However, the insurance company that the driver contracted with does not provide such benefits. Meanwhile, the driver has become entirely dependent on the business that the company delivers. Therefore, leaving is not an option. Call it a trap, dead-end, an impasse, or a disillusionment. But the driver finds it impossible to circumvent the mountain top.

If an NSD provider is unable to rescue a stranded motorist, NSD fails. Therefore, NSD ensures that all their providers are armed with the most sufficient equipment and software. Unless every NSD provider is utilizing the greatest equipment, the possibility exists that an NSD member may have something other than a perfect customer experience. NSD succeeds only if their providers succeed.

Is Vendor Satisfied with Current Payment System?

Imagine a tow truck driver that eagerly contracts with the biggest insurance company around. According to their faulty logic, the larger the company the more customers in need of service. In the beginning, things will look very promising. The driver submits their invoice through the insurance companies’ online portal. Most tow truck drivers use the money they earn to pay for necessary business expenses.

Today’s business pays for tomorrow’s business. In other words, delays in payment will seriously hinder business operations. Most insurance companies will take 30 to 45 days to pay these invoices. By the time that check arrives, a driver could already be out of business.

To make matters worse, often, when the check finally arrives, it is less than the amount that the driver expected. Insurance companies are in the business of providing the least amount of coverage for the maximum payment. Perhaps the invoice was adjusted to their rates, or maybe a penalty had been imposed because of failure to meet a quota. Read the fine print of that contract. Many stipulations could be included that will justify less of a payment than expected. The driver’s invoice will not be the first time an insurance company’s check is less than expected, and it certainly will not be the last.

NSD providers never encounter either of these cash-strapping dilemmas. For starters, every stage of a member’s roadside experience is functioning beneath the same NSD umbrella. Being a part of such a sprawling network has endless benefits. One of which is that payment is almost instantaneous. There is no feuding over improper charges, or parties trying to snatch a bigger piece of the pie, because everyone at NSD is in the same family. In addition, NSD begins paying its providers as soon as the invoice is submitted. The payments are all digital. The hassle-free payment system puts the payment directly into the provider’s account. NSD understands that providers use their profits on future expenses. As a result, failing to pay an NSD provider right away will result in an NSD member having a less than satisfying experience.

NSD’ Providers can be Confident with Dispatcher

All tow truck drivers are familiar with the following disheartening story. Dispatch information details a broken down two-door vehicle. The truck arrives to find an RV instead. The truck needs to return to the shop and collect proper equipment. By the time the vehicle is towed to the facility, countless hours have transpired. Not to mention, the customer is furious.

Insurance companies usually outsource their call centers to staffing agencies on the other side of the planet. As a result, such call center operators will be unfamiliar with locations, traffic patterns, roadside conditions, and laws that are of utmost concern to local drivers.

In addition, outsourced call centers typically are tasked with handling a certain number of calls. As a result, many call center operators will be rushed to fulfill their daily quotas and could take down the wrong information in the process.

Another potential disaster that insurance company contracted providers are at risk of encountering is a coverage mistake. The dispatcher may tell the driver that the customer has full coverage. As a result, the driver provides everything possible to help the stranded driver. Only weeks later, when the check arrives, the driver discovers the customer was not fully covered. Most of the equipment used and services rendered were not paid for.

All seven NSD call centers are located and staffed in North America. Each NSD call center operator undergoes a several weeklong training course. The greatest metric used to rate the effectiveness of a call center is how long the calls are. How long does it take the operator to abstract all required information and then locate and dispatch the appropriate truck to fix the problem? NSD call center calls take about 40% less time than the industry averages.


Becoming an NSD provider is a guaranteed way to increase business. Not only do NSD providers become another spoke in the most comprehensive roadside assistance network in the industry, but every facet of their business improves, such as their equipment, efficiency, and bottom line. Such benefits do not come without a price.

By representing NSD, providers are obligated to be the best of the best. NSD strives to provide the greatest customer experience available. As a result, when that call comes in, the provider will do everything in their power to get that member back on the road. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a Nation Safe Drivers’ provider, contact us today. The sky is the limit!

Join the NSD Network

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Telephone: 1-800-338-2680


More and More Businesses Rely on Real-Time Tracking to Succeed

Twenty years ago, your downtown shoe store did not have much to worry about. A steady stream of locals would walk through the doors every day. Each customer would buy two pairs of shoes a year. Each customer really had no choice. They would choose from whatever selection was in the store, and they would pay whatever price. As a result, the shoe store owner did not have to worry about advertising, marketing, payment processing or inventory management.

The internet has changed everything in our lives. Suddenly, those customers were no longer at the mercy of the shoe store owner’s pricing strategy. From the comfort of their living room, these customers could purchase the same shoes from the other side of the world, for a fraction of the price.

Another ruthless competitor for small businesses was the multinational retail corporation. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s sprouted up everywhere across the country. Customers now had a hybrid chain of discount department stores, service centers, and grocery stores, in which they could buy everything for rock bottom prices.

How does that shoe store stay profitable in such a competitive marketplace? Sadly, countless mom-and-pop stores that have been around for decades were unable to survive. The only way for such stores to surmount internet competition as well as the existence of hybrid super stores, was to amass a collection of customers with a remarkable marketing plan and then efficiently deliver the product or service.

The marketing strategy could be implemented with a smart IT and communications team. The delivery aspect of the mission is the meat and potatoes. If the delivery phase of the business cycle is not implemented perfectly, the business will fail. On the other hand, a business that can get their product to the customer’s doorstep in record time will vanquish the competition.

The advantage of an ecommerce business is security. Ecommerce allows customers to purchase an item for the cheapest price, without leaving their homes. They can be confident that their purchase is the cheapest available. But how quick will it be in their hands? Amazon members could order food at breakfast and have it delivered for lunch. Why drive to the grocery store and pay three times as much?


Larry runs a lawn and garden online store. Five years ago, business started booming. So, he quit his job as a high school gym teacher and focused all his time and attention on his online store. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Larry’s business began to struggle – not because of a lack of customers though. Larry’s Lawn Land website was incredibly successful. However, the appetite for his lawn chairs was so intense, Larry’s delivery team could not come close to satisfying the demand. The last nail in the coffin was the supply chain issues. A shortage of delivery trucks tacked on a few extra days to the ETA. Without a proficient team of experts handling Larry’s deliveries, the business was unable to compete.

Be careful what you wish for! Every business owner dreams of attaining more customers. But will they be able to meet the customer’s demands? Think of how the pandemic changed consumer logic. Suddenly, the customer was trapped in their homes, fearful of stepping outside and going shopping. As a result, customers spent more time surfing the web and shopping online. Competition skyrocketed. Getting the goods or services to the customer as quickly as possible would make or break a business.

Nation Safe Drivers

Once upon a time, the consumer’s purchasing decision was based on finding the best quality product at the lowest price. Over the past ten years, the speed of delivery has become more important. In fact, many consumers will pay more for a product if it means the delivery will be quicker. NSD’ Real-Time Tracking Delivery Services is all it takes for a company to rise above the competition.

The transportation and delivery business entails so many different complications. A business may hire one company to handle delivery logistics, but needs another to handle roadside assistance problems, and then another company to handle the staffing. Even if all these separate companies are proficient, having them work together in synchronicity, to provide the greatest possible customer experience, will be a difficult if not impossible mission.

NSD is an expert in every facet of the delivery trade. When an organization joins the sprawling NSD network, they watch their profits instantly swell. As the leading roadside assistance company in the country, NSD can provide lightning speed roadside assistance and towing to any type of vehicle. However, the sheer magnitude of benefits earned by becoming an NSD member are difficult to fathom.

Roadside Assistance

NSD Client Management Portal allows anyone to track the progression of phone calls live and watch interactions in real-time.

Dispatch services

NSD dispatch has been voted number one by service providers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Complete coverage across North America

NSD is a thriving telecommunications network that grants members access through their smartphones.

Network integration

NSD cutting-edge technology and innovative product development allows businesses to integrate their own company’s technology, resulting in a significant increase in sales and productivity.
Nation Safe Drivers is the only solution that provides a one-stop-shop for transportation delivery needs for any business.

How Can Nation Safe Drivers’ Real-Time Tracking Delivery Service Help My Business

The advantages that a company gains when becoming an NSD partner are tremendous. The speed at which a truck can make a delivery has never been more important. By providing members with an enormous network of providers, as well as access to the latest technological developments, NSD ensures that each delivery route is accomplished with maximum efficiency.

The direct benefit of conducting efficient delivery routes is the satisfaction of customers. But indirectly, by consistently delivering products or services quickly, and accomplishing those delivery routes faster than the competitor, NSD members see their profits swell tremendously. Here is how, in today’s competitive marketplace, an efficient delivery system is all that it takes for a company to become an industry leader.

NSD will improve driver performance

Although NSD real-time tracking improves the productivity of every position involved in the delivery of a product, the driver benefits the most. NSD real-time tracking is designed to minimize the cost of the truck’s drive by maximizing the driver’s productivity. Read how NSD real-time tracking achieves this mission.

Increase productivity

A real-time tracking system allows managers to measure exactly how efficient their drivers are. As a result, a driver is less likely to exhibit anything less than complete productivity. In addition, when a driver knows that they are being monitored they will follow corporate guidelines more closely, and they will always take the most direct route.

Reduce the cost of fuel

When a business is operating a fleet of vehicles, gas efficiency is the most crucial factor in terms of profit. NSD real-time tracking enables managers and business owners to minimize gas consumption to the bare minimum by managing speed limits and reducing idle time.

Mechanical failures

Real-time tracking allows managers to be aware of any mechanical failures affecting the vehicle. In addition, a flat-tire, or a mechanical issue, that would have crippled a truck operating without the tools of Nation Safe Drivers, is repaired instantaneously.

Reduce the cost of insurance

According to the PropertyCasualty360 website, real-time tracking will reduce the cost of insurance for delivery businesses. With NSD real-time tracking, insurance companies are taking a much safer risk in insuring the vehicle.

For starters, real-time tracking will make it practically impossible to steal the vehicle. By always monitoring the vehicle, drivers are less likely to use the vehicle during off-hours or to misuse it. As mentioned earlier, if a driver knows that their driving is carefully being scrutinized, they are less likely to drive dangerously. In the end, all these improvements will result in better, hence cheaper, maintenance of a fleet of vehicles.

NSD will improve management

Joining the powerful NSD network all but guarantees a vast improvement in the efficiency of any fleet of trucks. Under the protection of NSD, a fleet of trucks will perform deliveries quicker and cheaper. But in addition, the fleet management will also benefit with NSD. The following list of benefits illustrates how NSD real-time tracking will improve the business of any member.

Tracking Items

With NSD real-time tracking, a manager can determine the exact location of every product. When a business is a part of a supply chain, such information is crucial to keeping transactions accurate. The producer, the supplier, and the buyer can track the product in real-time.

Accurate shipping schedules

The ability to pinpoint the exact moment that the product will arrive allows providers, manufacturers, suppliers, and other businesses to confidently schedule important transactions. The security of working with such dependability will result in repeat business.

Customer satisfaction

NSD has always provided the greatest services, technology, and dedicated staff members to produce the greatest customer experience. The ultimate goal of NSD’ real-time tracking, state-of-the-art technology, and their sprawling network is to ensure the customer is satisfied. When an NSD member delivers their goods in record time, with no hiccups, the customer will not think twice about placing another order with the NSD member.

All stakeholders benefit from NSD

Ensuring the customer is satisfied is the most important factor in running a business. A close second though, is the satisfaction of all the players on the team. Unhappy stakeholders always affect the business negatively.

With NSD real-time tracking, the drivers will perform a better job easier. They receive orders quicker and more efficiently, considering NSD software automatically chooses the closest and most qualified driver. In addition, drivers don’t need to worry about finding the best route, since NSD will provide it to them.

NSD real-time tracking automates the business owner and manager’s jobs, so all they need to do is occasionally check in with the individual driver. They will be alerted to any problem that may require additional effort.

The customer can find out exactly where their product is. A simple press of a button on a cell phone will connect them to the NSD portal and provide every detail as to the whereabouts of their products. With these three pieces of the puzzle content, the board members are always smiling


By becoming an NSD member, a business can take advantage of a plethora of tools. For businesses that engage in deliveries and utilize fleets of trucks, NSD real-time tracking can catapult the business far above competition. NSD has been in the roadside game for more than sixty years. No other organization understands the mechanics of getting a truck from point A to point B better than NSD. In today’s competitive marketplace, every business must make their deliveries in the quickest and cheapest way possible. With NSD roadside assistance, coupled with their state-of-the-art real-time tracking, as well as their delivery expertise, an NSD member gets the complete package, resulting in satisfied customers for life!

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