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Why Nation Safe Drivers is the Number One Roadside Assistance Platform in the Nation


Security is something that everyone wants. A huge salary, a beautiful wife, an enormous house may compel a bit of happiness in a person’s soul, but if we don’t have security life becomes a walk on the plank, in which a tiny misstep could result in disaster. When we are on the road, there are trillions of obstacles that can disrupt our voyage. One could be the greatest driver in the world, but it just takes a piece of metal or a fallen tree branch to ruin any car trip. Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) provides protection from the unforeseen.

NSD has been in the roadside assistance game for more than sixty years. In that time, they perfected every aspect of the trade. NSD aims to create the greatest customer experience in the industry. As a result, it is imperative that each stage of the roadside assistance experience is as painless as possible. There is nothing fun about getting a flat tire. However, by providing seamless roadside assistance, frustration and time loss will be minimized.

As mentioned earlier, NSD strives to protect its members. Therefore, NSD provides roadside assistance throughout all of the United States and Canada, and even a few places in Central America. When an NSD member is driving down the road, and suddenly the tire goes flat, after a few quick and straightforward steps, they will be truckin’ down the highway like nothing ever happened!

Remote working

1. Press a button

Do you remember those days, when getting a tow truck to jumpstart your vehicle or fix a flat was a Herculean task? Before cell phones, finding roadside assistance could be impossible for some people in some locations. But even after the invention of the cell phone, roadside assistance was still quite a mission. Without proper coverage, one would have to research local tow truck services. And then, be at the complete mercy of the mechanic’s half-ass diagnosis.

When an NSD member has auto failure, all they need to do is press a button. As easy as 1-2-3. They take out their cell phones and log into the NSD platform. They would select the car problem that they were experiencing. Right away, an operator would connect the member to a nearby NSD provider.

In terms of the members’ efforts, all that they do is press a button. NSD digitally takes care of everything else. The member does not even have to stumble across a darkened road, searching for the location. NSD pinpoints the location with GPS technology, and the member just confirms it.


2. Track tow trucks arrival

Without NSD on your side, when the conversation with the call center operator ends, a long and frightening stage will begin. Waiting for the tow truck to arrive is never enjoyable. But certain locations at certain times of day (or night) could be downright dangerous.

The NSD platform allows members to track the arrival of the service provider with real-time notifications. An ETA will allow the member to know exactly when the tow truck will arrive. The NSD platform will even provide a picture of the tow truck driver, so the member knows who to expect.

Most NSD car failure recoveries require just these two steps. Considering that tracking a tow truck is not really a step, the member just needs to press a button and NSD provides complete assistance. When the member is back on the road, they are always grateful to have NSD as their roadside assistance provider.

NSD Provides the Best Service Available

If you have ever depended on a roadside assistance program before, you know that recovery is not just about time. Granted, when someone breaks down on the side of the road, time is of the essence. However, good roadside assistance is a lot more than quick service. Even before the tow truck is alerted, an efficient operator that can easily coordinate something as complicated as a repair is required. And then, just because a tow truck arrives quickly, does not mean that they are properly equipped to tow your vehicle. Lastly, the car may be repaired, but you paid a hefty sum for the service, and are anxiously awaiting the cash rebate.

The typical NSD operator takes less than three minutes to notify a nearby tow truck provider of the member’s location and situation. That is 40% quicker than the industry’s average time of completion. NSD tries to complete all claims within three days. This bold feat is accomplished with state-of-the-art technology that could read metadata, and electronically process claims. Remember, NSD strives to provide the greatest customer experience. This can only be achieved by ensuring the quickest possible service in every stage of roadside assistance.


There is a reason that Nation Safe Drivers has been in the roadside assistance industry for more than sixty years. They know a thing or two about rescuing distressed motorists. However, NSD provides something more valuable than a tow or a flat tire repair. NSD makes people feel safe. By providing employees, customers, or members with NSD products, organizations can protect the ones that they care about. This defiant sense of security is why NSD is constantly voted the best roadside assistance provider in the nation.

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