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Food Delivery Innovations – Keep up or Get Out


Once upon a time, the only way to get food to keep in your kitchen was by going to the grocery store. At least one member of the family would visit their local grocery store. As they walked up and down every aisle, placing desired foods into their wagon, they would acknowledge familiar faces, like recognizable staff members, and local customers. In addition, a few nights a month, the family may dine at a local restaurant.

During the last few years, there has been a revolution in the food industry world. Now, that same family can have the grocery store, or the restaurant deliver their food. Within a short amount of time, bags of food could be dropped off at one’s doorstep.

When COVID-19 ravaged the planet and consumers were advised to avoid unnecessary human contact, the few restaurants that managed to survive did so by reducing staff members as well as eliminating rent costs by using food delivery services. After all, the purpose of a restaurant is to provide food to consumers. When all is said and done, how the food is delivered is irrelevant.

In an attempt to hop on the bandwagon, grocery stores also relied on delivery services to please their customers. When juggling a busy work schedule, choosing between visiting a grocery store or having the food delivered was an easy choice for most.
Everyone Benefits with Food Delivery Services

Efficient food delivery services are a customer’s dream. For most, food delivery is a luxury. Instead of devoting a few hours to the weekly grocery run, one could just remain on their couch, and have their weekly groceries delivered without taking a step.

The food industry also benefits by delivering their food. Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) fleet tracking management, for example, provides managers with a sweeping perspective of their business. A quick glance at the NSD application reveals all information on deliveries, including customer behavior in each market and the availability from providers. Such precious nuggets of intelligence allow managers to successfully predict change and eliminate waste.

Every transaction generates information that could be useful to a company. NSD fleet tracking collects this information from every customer regarding every transaction, providing valuable insights into the industry. What time of day are certain products ordered? What are the key differences between urban and rural purchasing decisions? Does inventory match the appetite of the customer? These questions and countless others could be answered by viewing the NSD fleet tracking app.

Customer satisfaction is a benefit that cannot remain unmentioned. With NSD fleet tracking management, the customer can easily discover exactly where their product is. Businesses could report real-time tracking information, so that the customer knows the exact time of delivery, not estimated.
How to Stay Afloat in the Industry

Just a few years ago, fleet tracking services matured into the business juggernauts that they are today. Back then, a smart business owner who took advantage of such services saw their business soar above competition. But now, everyone is using some sort of fleet tracking program. Nowadays, the most effective way to become a leader in the food industry is not by using a fleet tracking manager, but by choosing the right one.

For example, popular free navigational apps, such as Map Quest and Google Maps, are commonly used by people to find their way to an unknown destination. By applying GPS technology, an individual can find their way, step by step, from point A to point B. Businesses involved with deliveries can use such services to ensure that drivers get to their destination.

However, although such apps are free and remarkably effective for individuals, they are not intended for use by trucks or delivery vehicles. Map Quest and Google Maps will reveal the quickest route for passenger cars. When a truck tries using these apps, they could be directed through school districts or one-way streets.

NSD fleet tracking management delivers a route specifically designed for the vehicle adhering to it. The fastest way is different for a car, a van, a truck, or an eighteen-wheeler. In today’s competitive delivery marketplace, the winner is the first to cross the finish line. The winner only uses applicable software designed specifically for them.
NSD is the #1 Fleet Tracking Manager for One Reason

Hopefully, this far into the article, the reader agrees that fleet tracking management is the only way to conduct a food delivery business. After all, if every competitor is using some sort of fleet tracking management, the only way to rise above them is to use a better service.

The ultimate fleet tracking manager provides more than directions. First, there needs to be an adequate 24-7 communications system, so that the manager, the driver, and the fleet tracking provider are all connected. Second, GPS technology must be utilized to track everything and anything worth tracking, including vehicle maintenance. Third, the driver needs to be protected from any disasters that could hinder his trip.

That last point is essential yet is ignored by almost every fleet tracking manager. A customer just ordered a delicious plate of raviolis. The website assures the customer that the food will be delivered in two hours. By using the fleet tracking management, the delivery should only take twenty minutes. As the van is on its way, it strikes a road hazard and gets a flat tire.

Did you know that seven flat tires occur in the United States every second? Flat tires are very common, but when all mechanical breakdowns are included, the number becomes astronomical. It is not so cray to assume that one of your fleet vehicles during a delivery could suffer a similar failure.

If such an incident occurred, the fleet tracking management would contact whatever roadside assistance company that they contract with. Suddenly, the efficiency of a food delivery company is relying on a third party, that they do not know much about. Most likely the fleet tracking manager chose this roadside assistance company because it was the least expensive.


NSD has been providing roadside assistance for sixty years. In fact, NSD has always been a leader in the roadside assistance industry. NSD ranked #1 in the Tow Force list of best motor clubs, for four of the past six years.

Thus, when a company joins forces with NSD, not only do they acquire the greatest fleet tracking management in the industry, but they are also acquiring the greatest roadside assistance in the industry as well. Other fleet tracking managers may even contract with NSD to provide stellar roadside assistance. The insurance company The General, uses NSD to rescue members if they experience roadside distress, as do countless car dealerships and companies.

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