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How Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Tracking Management Can Improve a Construction Company


Nation Safe Driver (NSD) fleet tracking management allows construction companies to manage large and expensive machinery. The ability to know where every piece is always is incredibly helpful for any construction company. However, NSD fleet tracking management will also provide businesses with a unique insight into employee work patterns, fuel consumption, billing accuracy, and equipment maintenance.
GPS tracking devices are found everywhere in our society. From cell phones and wristwatches to paragliders and Fido – anything we deem valuable, can now be tracked. Countless companies would find such benefits priceless. However, few industries stand to profit from satellite technology as much as the construction industry. After all, heavy equipment is not a part of the construction industry – heavy equipment is the construction industry.

Bulldozers, excavators, boom lifts, scissor lifts are just several pieces of equipment that need to be properly maintained. If one piece of construction equipment fails to operate, the entire job could be ruined. In the same breath, a construction company that conducts their business properly, and never brings a sick bull to the rodeo, will prosper with repeat business and contracts.

Another massive benefit that NSD fleet tracking management brings to a construction company is the ability to optimize schedules for clients’ needs. When it comes to construction, time is of the essence. Nothing makes a client more satisfied than completing a project by a specified deadline and enabling that client to begin conducting business and making money. With NSD fleet tracking management, that completion date on the signed contract will always be honored.

NSD fleet tracking management grants construction companies’ complete control over their most prized possessions. Construction equipment left ignored or mismanaged will eventually result in massive replacement bills. Instead of being saddled with crippling expenditures, preventive maintenance allows construction companies to keep their heavy equipment in tip-top shape.


Nation Safe Drivers

When it comes to construction business matters, few decisions are more important than choosing the right fleet manager. Every aspect of the construction industry is improved with the proper fleet management. However, some fleet managers are more effective than others. For example, NSD provides top notch fleet management services, but in addition, NSD is one of the nation’s leaders in roadside assistance. In fact, many different fleet tracking managers contract with NSD to use their roadside assistance.

Even the greatest fleet management company runs the risk of having their vehicles malfunction. The roads are littered with damaging objects that will tear any tire. There is no way to avoid getting a flat tire. We do, however, have control over the resolutions that we arm ourselves with. NSD provides protection from anything that could go wrong with a fleet of vehicles.

NSD has been protecting motorists for more than sixty years. As technology has evolved, protection becomes more efficient. Members just need to press a few buttons on their smartphones to observe where everyone is, analyze the condition of the equipment, as well as communicate instantly with other team members and NSD.

NSD is a unique company, in that they operate and dispatch from their own enormous servicing network. What does this mean for your construction company? The typical fleet tracking provider is nothing more than a fancy software program coupled with a GPS system. Essentially, this is what a company wants when they contract with fleet tracking services. NSD members, however, become another cog in the massive NSD machine. Such an epic network allows NSD to add and increase benefit for their members at a competitive cost, while also providing exceptional customer service.


NSD Fleet Tracking Management Will Increase Profits for a Construction Company

As noted earlier, there should be no question that a fleet tracking manager can improve the business of a construction company. The only question should be which fleet tracking manager to use. Just a little research will reveal that becoming an NSD member is the most effective way to improve the business and increase the profits of a company in the construction industry. After all, dispatchers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada rate NSD #1. In addition, the prestigious has rated NSD the #1 Motor Club for six of the past seven years.

Members join NSD because they know that they are getting premium benefits at a fraction of the cost. What other membership will increase a company’s profits while decreasing the company’s expenses? Here is a brief outline of how NSD improves the business of a construction company.

Monitor everything 

With NSD fleet tracking management, locating all equipment and tools is as easy as checking a smartphone. Idle crews and machines wind up costing a lot of money. NSD members can monitor which assets are being used and which are not. Such crucial information is vital for a construction company. Imagine how beneficial the ability to locate required machines, or to replace machines that suddenly break down at the drop of a hat could be.

Extend the life of machines

NSD construction equipment telematics will keep business owners up to date with preventive scheduled maintenance. Instead of waiting for the machine to break down, and then paying exorbitant repair bills, NSD telematics will remind business owners of all the maintenance necessary to keep the machines like-new.



Theft protection

GPS tracking is the greatest safeguard against theft. Construction equipment is extremely expensive. The theft of just one machine is enough to shatter some construction companies to oblivion. With NSD fleet tracking management, geofences could be erected that would send out alerts if the equipment is ever take out of such boundaries. In addition, if something is stolen, retrieval is nothing more than tracking it on the NSD software.


For a construction company, it is all about timing. Sometimes construction sites are not big enough to fit all the required machines. NSD fleet tracking coordinates each machine, so that when one leaves another could pull in. A slew of factors could regulate an ETA. With NSD real-time tracking, all the machines could be coordinated like clockwork.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is a massive operating expense for any construction company. Choosing the right sized equipment, taking the most effective routes, as well as coordinating the most experienced driver will all result in gas efficiency. In order to reduce fuel costs, a business needs to understand what wastes fuel. Careless driving patterns, improper directions, and failure to maintain vehicles are factors that could be rectified with NSD and will result in less expenses.


Payment disputes are common in the construction industry. The mere size of a construction project, and all the pieces that it entails, can become difficult to appropriately disperse payment. Every minute that a piece of equipment is being used gets logged in. In fact, each employees’ hours are automatically logged. If a client feels that they are being charged an excessive amount, undeniable proof is just a few clicks away.

A construction company can benefit with NSD fleet tracking management through several ways. The several benefits mentioned in the article all result in decreasing expenses while increasing profits. NSD is the company that countless businesses across the country have been using for roadside coordination for decades. Fleet tracking management requires the efficient organization of a solid and experienced company. Join America’s largest roadside network and watch your profits soar. Click this link to find out more information.

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