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How Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Tracking Management Can Improve a Utilities Company


When a power outage occurs, a utility company must save the day. Massive repair efforts must be coordinated in record time. Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) fleet tracking management is the greatest way to organize such immense repairs. Competition threatens local and state government contracts. Failure to revitalize the city’s electrical grid in an appropriate amount of time could result in massive financial loss. Even on a regular day, a utilities company needs to perform their services quickly and efficiently. With NSD fleet tracking management, any utilities company will go above and beyond.

Moreso than other industries, the strength of a utility company is measured logistically. The profits of a utility company directly coincide with its ability to coordinate a complex operation involving countless people, facilities, and equipment.

Imagine two competing electrical companies in a city. Company A uses Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) fleet tracking management. After a hurricane robs the city of power, company A effectively navigates through the city streets with the fleet tracking GPS technology. Downed trees and traffic are the latest effects of the storm. NSD fleet tracking provides real-time routes to avoid any delay. With NSD fleet tracking maintenance, company A can monitor each vehicle in real-time, to ensure the utility job is performed without delay.

Company B relies on the same navigational app that one uses to get to Aunt Ethel’s barbecue. Such an app is not updated as often as NSD fleet tracking management. In addition, such apps are designed for regular automobiles, not utility vehicles. As a result, the route leads company B through school districts and slow one-way roads.
When dusk finally melts over the storm ravaged city, and the internet is finally restored, citizens flock to social media to comment on their experiences. Company A customers praise the speed in which their power was restored. Most of the company B customers are still without power. When they can comment, they complain about how long it took to restore their power.

NSD fleet tracking management allows a utilities company to manage their fleet seamlessly by just glancing at their smartphone. The NSD map is refreshed every few seconds enabling every driver, manager, and NSD to see where everyone is. In addition, NSD fleet tracking allows all participants to communicate with each other.

Read this article to learn how NSD fleet tracking management allows a utilities company to reduce their expenses while increasing their profits at the same time.
Nation Safe Drivers

The utilities sector encompasses any company that provides basic amenities to society. Water, sewage, electricity, and natural gas are a few examples of utility companies. As of March 2021, utility companies had a massive $1.5 billion presence on the U.S. market. Without utilities, society would simply not be able to function.

Such an important sector of our society certainly has its share of challenges. Restoration, balancing supply and demand, and rapid technological change are just some of the requirements of a utilities company. A fleet tracking management system is a perfect solution for many of these challenges.

Still, just because a utilities company acknowledges the need for fleet tracking management, does not make the solution any easier. Choosing the right fleet tracking management system is a crucial decision for any utilities company.

Essentially, fleet tracking management is coupling GPS technology with applicable navigation and communication devices. With these capabilities, companies can appropriately deliver their products and monitor their drivers.

However, NSD provides members with a host of benefits that are missing from other fleet tracking managers. Sixty years ago, NSD began providing roadside assistance. Since then, NSD has become the highest rated motor club in America, according to several polls, including In addition, dispatchers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico repeatedly vote NSD as the #1 roadside assistance provider. As a result, NSD has amassed a massive proprietary network of more than 45,000 providers.

Thus, as soon as a utility company partners with NSD, every aspect of the company’s coordination is improved. A utility company will benefit from NSD roadside assistance. Even the greatest managed fleet of vehicles is capable of suffering from flat tires and engine failures. Without NSD fleet tracking management, a utility company is denying itself the ultimate protection from delays and mismanagement.

A fleet tracking manager will partially improve a business that uses a fleet. If a vehicle in the fleet gets a chipped windshield, a flat tire, or if a driver loses a key, the resulting delays could be massive. NSD has specialized in rectifying such issues for more than half of a century. NSD fleet tracking members get state-of-the-art fleet management services, but they also receive access to solutions to any problems that could affect a fleet. Essentially, NSD fleet tracking management is the ultimate utilities company companion.
Most Common Issues Affecting Utilities Company Could be Rectified with NSD

NSD fleet tracking management allows a utility company to constantly be cognizant of where all vehicles, employees and equipment are. As a result, as soon as a service call comes in, the dispatcher can assign the closest and most properly equipped employee. Decreasing response time will inevitably improve customer satisfaction. In terms of utility restoration, nothing is more important than speed and efficiency. Read about some of the benefits that NSD fleet tracking management brings to a utilities company.

Insurance costs drop

The first benefit a utilities company will experience once they acquire NSD fleet tracking management, is that their insurance costs will drop. In the eyes of the insurance company, a vehicle being monitored under GPS surveillance is less of a risk. For starters, the vehicle cannot be stolen. The vehicle could get taken, but a single glance at the NSD fleet tracking software will reveal its identity.

Fleet driving improves

One benefit attained by monitoring a fleet with NSD, is that driving behavior will improve. When drivers know that every detail of their driving is being monitored, including forceful braking, excessive idling, and dangerous acceleration, their driving will inevitably improve. In addition, by adapting safe driving patterns, drivers are also less likely to get into an accident.
Improve asset management

A utility company is only as effective as the equipment that they carry. NSD fleet tracking management allows a utility company to carefully monitor the usage, location, and condition of all pieces of equipment.

Vehicle maintenance

In addition to all the previous benefits, NSD fleet tracking management also provides vehicle maintenance alerts. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid costly breakdowns. The vehicle is a utility company’s most important and expensive piece of equipment. Ensuring the vehicle’s longevity is one way to maintain optimum production.

Invaluable fleet insight

Every work detail, including time spent, gas consumption, driving patterns, hours worked, equipment used will all be recorded on the NSD fleet tracking software. A one-stop shop for data insights regarding service calls, technical issues, compliance, and safety. Armed with such information, utility company managers can foresee crippling problems before they occur.

The above benefits are just a slither of the improvement attained with NSD fleet tracking services. With NSD, routes can be optimized, gas consumption minimized, dispatching processes simplified, and so much more. Essentially, NSD fleet tracking management will reduce expenses and increase profits. Contact a friendly NSD sales associate today and find out how much a construction company stands to gain by partnering with NSD.

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