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How Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Tracking Management Can Improve an HVAC Company


The only thing worse than having the AC or heating go out, is having this occur on a sweltering summer or frigid winter day. In dire situations such as these, speed is of the essence. Every second counts while waiting for the HVAC dude to arrive. Nation Safe Drivers fleet tracking management ensures that HVAC truck gets to the client as soon as possible. Every vehicle driver and manager are connected to NSD in real-time on a smartphone that shows the quickest route, vehicle maintenance, driver monitoring, pinpoint ETA, billing accuracy, and so much more. 
HVAC business is as unpredictable as the weather. Extremely busy days will coincide with excessive heat or cold. On a hot summer day, customers realize that their AC is not working. On a very cold day, customers realize that they forgot to check the heating system. When days like these occur, the local HVAC company will be slammed.

Numerous delays and failure to make appointments will cause permanent damage to the good name of any HVAC company. After all, on that one blazing hot day out of the year, if an HVAC company is unable to appropriately manage their fleet of trucks and serve all their customers, it will fizzle out like a flame.

Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) fleet tracking management is designed to assist HVAC companies any day of the year. When a client needs their units checked, an HVAC company needs to get there as soon as possible – equipped with everything needed to fix the AC problem. Such an assignment is easier said than done.
Know every vehicle’s location

The first obstacle is for the dispatcher to assign the right technician. Without a pinpoint location or a lengthy description of where they are, the dispatcher has no way of discerning which technician is closer. With NSD fleet tracking services, an HVAC dispatcher just needs to glance at the NSD platform on their smartphone. The easy-to-read map will reveal the location of every vehicle in the fleet.

Monitor every driver

An HVAC manager could always monitor vehicles with NSD fleet tracking management. Just as closely however, managers could monitor the driving behavior of each driver of these vehicles. Is the driving style erratic with excessive braking and sharp turns? Perhaps such driving will reach the customer quickly, but it could also result in a costly accident. Drivers who know that they are being monitored will drive much safer.

Quickest routes

NSD fleet tracking management will always provide the quickest route to the customer. Popular navigational apps like MapQuest and Google Maps are lifesaving for individuals. Few businesses however will find such apps to be beneficial, considering the platforms are for cars and not HVAC trucks. When a client is waiting, being led through school districts and one-way streets will certainly infuriate the client.

Insurance costs drop

One immediate advantage to joining NSD fleet tracking management is to watch one’s insurance costs plummet. With NSD telematic services, insurance companies deem vehicles less risky. For example, as noted earlier, NSD fleet tracking management services will compel drivers to be safer on the road, resulting in less accidents. In addition, NSD fleet tracking management eliminates any chance that a vehicle will be stolen. If it is taken, discerning the location will be as easy as glancing at the NSD platform map.

Today, NSD has more than 15 million new customers and more than$500 million in annual sales.
Nation Safe Drivers

Listed above, are just a few reasons as to how an HVAC company will benefit by joining the NSD fleet tracking management. Another compelling reason is that, at its core, Nation Safe Drivers is one of North America’s most dependable roadside assistance providers. What good is the greatest fleet tracking management, if the vehicle keeps getting flat tires or engine breakdowns? Avoiding such vehicular disasters is impossible. However, being equipped with the greatest solution, in case a disaster occurs, is possible. This solution is Nation Safe Drivers.

Dispatchers in United States, Canada, and Mexico have voted NSD to be the greatest roadside provider. Several online votes, such as, have repeatedly voted NSD as the number one Motor Club. When an HVAC driver sets out for a client across the city, the greatest weapon available is confidence. An HVAC van with NSD fleet tracking management, understands that if they suffer a vehicular breakdown, they will be rescued quickly and off to their next customer.

With NSD fleet tracking management, a member is reducing their expenses, such as wasted gas, insurance costs, car accidents, and billing inaccuracy while increasing profits by satisfying customers. Ultimately, NSD fleet tracking management benefits the customer more than anyone else. When an AC unit dies, nothing is more important than fixing it. An HVAC company that uses groundbreaking telematic technology to ensure the AC unit is repaired as quickly as possible will be respected in the community.

NSD fleet tracking management is an essential tool for any HVAC company. The AC unit is the soul of any property. When not working properly, the inhabitants will be miserable. An HVAC company needs to repair the AC unit quickly. Click this link to find out more information.

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