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Improve Your Fleet With Nation Safe Drivers


According to a 2020 FleetOwner report, 200,000 companies across the country operate private fleets. These fleets have a US Department of Transportation crash rate of .46 per one million miles driven. It is imperative that fleet management can operate as punctually, efficiently, and as cost effective as possible. As the data illustrates, our country’s fleet management is doing an excellent job!

In order for our nation’s fleets to run this productively, it requires more than gas-efficient vehicles, effective fleet managers and truckers who can go without eating for a week. Fleet management software is at the heart of every dynamic fleet. A mobile solution that will constantly analyze the internal conditions of the truck, track expenses, monitor the drive, and provide impeccable directions is the only way to improve a fleet’s efficiency.

Using Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Management System is as easy as glancing at a cell phone. The application allows businesses to maintain constant communication with all drivers, as well as anyone else who may need to tag along on this long road trip.

  • Route Optimization
  • Invoicing
  • Costly driving patterns
  • Production Tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Delivery time
  • Fuel efficiency

As soon as the driver logs in, their exact location is immediately pinpointed. Then, the driver would just tap on the service needed:

  • Battery
  • Flat tire
  • Tow truck
  • Locked out
  • No more fuel
  • Other

Immediately, the driver will receive the name and contact information of the emergency roadside company selected to assist them. While the driver waits, the app will reveal updates.

Other benefits include integration into a client’s platform to determine preferred and cost-efficient repair facilities and body shops, providing reliable tow providers who can deliver superior service, as well as the ability to receive real-time notifications from your Fleet Management Software into our network.

By partnering with Nation Safe Drivers, fleet managers can reduce the costs of the fleet’s operation. When it comes to managing a fleet, fuel, repairs, and maintenance costs can become exorbitant very quickly. As a result, the most important job of a fleet manager is to run the fleet as cost-effectively and as competently as possible.


By far, the greatest advantage of Nation Safe Drivers’ Fleet Management Software is the ability to always have an absolute and comprehensive view of all the fleet’s data and in real-time. There really is no other way to measure a fleet’s comprehensive performance. Without this unique perception, a fleet could never achieve ultimate success.

Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Management Software becomes a hub of communication between all the drivers and the fleet management team. Instead of having a mechanical failure result in massive delays, with the right software, resolve the problems within moments.

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