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Prepaid Maintenance



Nation Safe Drivers’ (NSD) products provide peace of mind and convenience from unforeseen risks. Of course, assistance with expenses that are more likely to occur will provide more peace of mind. For example, some products like GAP insurance or roadside assistance, are used only in case certain events transpire. Such insurance goes into effect, if a member gets a flat tire or their vehicle is stolen.

It is unlikely that one will get a flat tire, or even more unlikely that their car will be stolen. NSD Prepaid Maintenance, on the other hand, is protection from events that will certainly occur. Prepaid maintenance covers common vehicle upkeep, like oil changes, tire rotation, safety inspection, filter replacement and other services.

By including Prepaid Maintenance in a package for employees, customers or members, the final product increases in value. Employment benefit packages that include Prepaid Maintenance compel employees to be more productive, and they will be easier to retain. Customers debating over which dealership to purchase from will be persuaded by a warranty package that includes Prepaid Maintenance. The benefits are truly endless.

Prepaid Maintenance is a useful benefit, that anyone who drives a car will appreciate. All services that qualify under Prepaid Maintenance are performed by certified and experienced technicians.

Common automobile maintenance needs are as easy as contacting the NSD app. All too often, people may skip maintenance protocols because of money or time. Proper servicing with Prepaid Maintenance product will ensure individuals do not breach their warranties. In addition, regular documented maintenance records will retain the vehicle’s high resale value.


How Effective is an Extended Warranty Anyway?

Prepaid maintenance and extended warranties are like night and day. An extended warranty covers unexpected repairs once the original warranty has expired. There are two kinds of extended warranties, powertrain and “bumper-to-bumper”. A powertrain warranty covers a vehicle from engine and transmission workmanship defects. A “bumper-to-bumper” warranty covers everything else.

Here lies the problems with extended warranties.

If the warranty is from a manufacturer or dealership, there are employees whose sole responsibility is to illustrate that the defects are NOT covered under the warranty.

Many warranty companies will not provide coverage if the owner of the vehicle cannot prove that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the warranty.

For example, there could be a provision in the warranty requiring the vehicle to be serviced at a certain dealership, or specific bi-annual intervals. If the vehicle was not serviced as required, that could justify a claims denial. In addition, even if the problem could have been caused by the driver, extended warranties could be denied. In fact, if the vehicle is used in ways outside of normal operation, a car race or off-roading for example, an extended warranty can be completely voided. Modifications to the vehicle, like cool wheels or spoilers, could also void an extended warranty.

How Prepaid Maintenance Plans Benefit Dealerships

In many cases, after spending considerable sums on an extended warranty, problems that should be covered are not. The best outcome when purchasing an extended warranty is that one does not have to use it at all. As long as one’s car is running perfectly, they would not have to use their warranty. Either scenario will undoubtedly cause great regret in the end.

Prepaid maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. Vehicle owners will pay a set amount to have uncontested scheduled preventive maintenance performed. Tire rotation, changing oil, changing oil filters, lubrication and inspection are just some of the benefits that can be included in a Prepaid Maintenance Plan.

As a result, Prepaid Maintenance Plans can be a vehicle owner’s best friend. Whereas the benefits of an extended warranty are often non-existent, prepaid maintenance is scheduled maintenance that will always be utilized. On the flipside, dealerships push Prepaid Maintenance Plans because they can establish a steady flow of customers into the service department.

Any customer who has a Prepaid Maintenance Plan will regularly have their vehicle serviced at that dealership. Not only will such a relationship improve the likelihood that this customer will purchase their next car from the dealership, but any problems with the vehicle, minor or major, will be repaired there. Plus, frequent servicing will discover further defects with the vehicle.

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