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Why a Company Should Include Roadside Assistance into their Benefits Package


In today’s day and age, every company is looking to cut costs. The surest way to increase profits is to lower expenses. When it comes to employee benefits, however, shaving a few pennies here and there will result in drastic bottom-line deficits.

Take for example, roadside assistance. Some employers would not even consider implementing such benefits. Especially if the employee does not even drive during work, roadside assistance may be perceived as unnecessary.

From a statistical perspective though, roadside assistance is a much-appreciated ticket. According to the website NewBenefits, every driver experiences, on average, five flats during their lives. Four million Americans lock their keys in their car a year. When each of these incidents occurred, the person either thanked the stars for having roadside assistance or wished that they did! By including benefits, such as roadside assistance in an employment package, the value of the position increases.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Any industry today is extremely competitive. The only thing more valuable than a loyal customer is a hard-working employee. Creating an attractive benefits package that employees will appreciate is just as important as creating a product that customers will spend their money on.

A lucrative benefits package will improve your employees’ lives just as much as it will increase your company’s profits. Such a statement could be hard to swallow. What if your company is small, and your budget even smaller? Is roadside assistance worth the cost? To sum up the article in one word – YES!

Benefits of Including Roadside Assistance in an Employment Package

The advantages of a company offering roadside assistance in their benefits package are truly endless. Plus, the costs are extremely low. Nation Safe Drivers’ Roadside Assistance, for example, can offer state-of-the-art roadside technology for just $16 per employee! Nation Safe Driver’s (NSD) has been helping motorists for more than 60 years, because employers understand that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

1. Reduce turnaround

An employee with good benefits will be more loyal and hardworking. Roadside assistance is a benefit that every person who drives to work will appreciate. In addition, employees with good benefits acknowledge that the company they are working for is secure as is their employment. High employment retention is a hallmark of a good company.

Employees without good benefit packages may be more inclined to quit and work somewhere else. Every time a worker quits, the company is forced to find another employee and then train them, resulting in a considerable loss of productivity. According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee could range anywhere from half to two times the employees’ annual salary! Roadside assistance is one way to ensure that employees stick around.

2. A genuine benefit

If cost is the sole requirement in choosing a roadside assistance package to offer to employees, be ready for lots of frustration and headaches! Nation Safe Driver’s Roadside Assistance is one of the least expensive plans available. Still, one might find cheaper options. Whereas the pennies saved might seem like a sigh of relief, eventually, the cheaper option will be clearly inferior.

Your employees will be ecstatic after receiving roadside assistance. Undoubtedly, their loyalty will increase. The purpose of a benefit is to help someone’s life. The purpose of roadside assistance is to give people peace of mind. But what happens when the employee gets a flat tire, and their roadside recovery takes hours to implement? Also, what happens when the employees’ claims are constantly denied? At best, the employee will hate the benefit package, at worst, the employee will feel that their peace of mind was nothing more than a deception.

NSD incorporates innovative technology with cutting edge product design to ensure roadside assistance is conducted quickly and efficiently. For example, NSD uses On-Demand, app-based roadside assistance, to pinpoint the exact location of vehicles. Some plans send notifications to NSD partners if a member’s vehicle has crashed or even if it is low on oil!

3. Boost productivity

Time is money and money is time. The faster your fleet can transport the shipment, the more money in your pocket. Depending on how big your workforce is, engine problems will cause at least one person to be late for work every day. At the end of the year, accumulate all the time loss, and you will recognize the need for roadside assistance. Including roadside assistance will reduce tardiness and absenteeism.

A nicer benefits package will attract a more talented workforce. The employees will respect the company they work for. The employees will stick around long enough to perfect their trades. Lastly, the employees will not have to worry about getting stranded when their car breaks down. Add all of this up, and the productivity of a company increases with the addition of Nation Safe Driver’s Roadside Assistance.

4. Provide the benefit of protection

Roadside assistance provides protection. When someone’s car breaks down at night, in an unfamiliar area, roadside assistance is a helping hand in that sea of darkness. Offering NSD’ Roadside Assistance will show your employees that you care for them even when they are not in your office.

5. Roadside assistance is usually not included with car insurance

Most insurance carriers do not offer roadside assistance on their plans if they are not collision and/or comprehensive. In other words, many people may think that they have roadside assistance, when they do not. The only thing worse than having a flat tire is discovering, on the side of the road, that you do not have roadside assistance.

On top of improving the productivity of your workplace, providing roadside assistance is an effective way to care for your employees and to show them that you are protecting them even when they are not in the office.

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