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Women in the Automotive Industry


Empowering Women in the Automotive Industry: Insights from Tara Kasica at WIA Conference


Introduction to Women in the Automotive Industry

Empowering women in automotive is crucial for driving innovation and growth. The Women in Automotive (WIA) Conference, held from May 15-18 in Colorado Springs, was a key event for advancing women’s roles in the industry. Tara Kasica, VP of Sales at Nation Safe Drivers (NSD), delivered a keynote speech titled “What it Takes to be Successful in Automotive,” offering insights into overcoming challenges and achieving success in this field. In this article, we will explore Tara’s key takeaways and how they can empower women in automotive.

Tara Kasica’s Keynote: What It Takes to Succeed in Automotive

Tara Kasica’s journey in the automotive industry exemplifies resilience and determination. As VP of Sales at NSD, a premier motor club that provides roadside assistance and vehicle protection products, Tara shared her strategies for success in the automotive sector. Her insights are especially valuable for women aiming to excel in this traditionally male-dominated industry.


Key Takeaways from Tara Kasica’s Speech about Women in the Automotive Industry

Embracing Challenges and Adapting in the Automotive Industry

Tara highlighted the importance of embracing challenges and adapting to industry changes. Achieving success in the automotive sector requires a proactive approach to problem-solving and continuous learning.

Leveraging Networking and Mentorship in Automotive

Building a strong network and seeking mentorship are crucial for professional growth. Connecting with other professionals and learning from their experiences can open doors to new opportunities in the automotive industry.

Focusing on Customer-Centric Solutions in Automotive

At NSD, providing exceptional roadside assistance and vehicle protection products is paramount. Tara emphasized the need to focus on customer needs and deliver solutions that enhance their safety and satisfaction.

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion in Automotive

Promoting diversity within the automotive industry is essential for fostering innovation and growth. Tara called for more initiatives that support women and minorities, ensuring a more inclusive work environment.

The Role of NSD in Supporting Women in the Automotive Industry

Nation Safe Drivers is committed to supporting women in the automotive industry. By offering comprehensive vehicle protection products such as Roadside Assistance, Windshield Protection, and Tire & Wheel Protection, NSD empowers businesses to provide top-notch services to their customers. This not only enhances customer loyalty but also creates more opportunities for women in sales, customer service, and leadership roles.


The WIA Conference and Tara Kasica’s inspiring speech highlight the significant contributions of women in the automotive industry. As more women like Tara take on leadership roles, the industry is set to benefit from diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. NSD remains dedicated to supporting this transformation, providing exceptional services that drive success for businesses and their customers.

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