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NSD’s Roadside Solutions

Trusted roadside solutions for over 62 years. Unparalleled coverage, stability, and customer satisfaction nationwide.

1. Roadside Assistance

Initial response to a stranded vehicle, typically providing emergency services such as: Towing, Essential Fluids & Supply Delivery, Battery Assistance, Flat Tire Assistance, Lockout Services, and Winching.

2. Secondary Tow

Transportation of a vehicle from a business, such as an impound lot or storage facility to another location. This type of tow is often scheduled after the initial roadside assistance.

3. Accident Scene Management

NSD’s Service Provider manages the scene of an accident, including: Towing Damaged Vehicles, Debris Removal, Traffic Control, Coordinating with Emergency Services, ensuring Safety and Minimizing Disruptions to Traffic. We not only take care of your cusotmer’s vehicle, we also take care of your customer and provide key metrics. We offer rideshare (Uber/Lyft), concierge services, real-time appraisals (CCC), and impact notification. We are also integrated with TowBook and Traxero for Trucking-The-Truck.

4. Last Mile Tow/Transport

NSD’s can manage transportation of a vehicle from one business to another. For example, we manage tows from one dealership to another or from a dealership to a collision repair facility.

Why Clients Choose NSD?

1. The #1 Motor Club 2023 & for 7 of the last 9 years

NSD provides comprehensive roadside assistance coverage across the United States and Canada. NSD has 50,000 Service Providers and over 250,000 active service vehicles on the road. NSD offers the industry’s best NPS and CSAT scores by leveraging technology combined with a personal touch delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our goal is to continue to deliver the best value in the industry. While we continue to develop innovative digital and AI solutions, at the end of the day, roadside assistance is a very personal situation. When someone needs emergency roadside help, it is most often a scary, dangerous and stressful situation. Our job is to dispatch our Service Providers to help your members as quickly and safely as possible. They must arrive on scene prepared to service your members. To get ready for this mission, NSD has a 60-member network development team that collaborates daily with our service providers.

2. Nation-wide Network Coverage

Our team’s primary objective is to coach our Service Providers to improve their performance and in turn, service to our clients’ members. Our team teaches Service Providers how to access our Service Provider portal to view their performance metrics, KPIs and feedback. The team helps Service Providers improve their rating on the NSD algorithm so that they can earn more dispatches and grow their business. Our team also conducts on-site visits biannually for Service Providers with over 100 monthly dispatches, and virtual visits for those with 10 or more monthly dispatches to help them improve their performance.

3. Stability

Nation Safe Drivers has been a leading provider of roadside assistance and automotive services for over 62 years, demonstrating its longevity and sustained success in the industry. The company is fully backed by its financial partners at BDT & MSD Partners, providing additional stability. NSD’s decades of experience, coupled with its nationwide scale dispatching 2+ million events annually, solidifies its position as a prominent and dependable player in the roadside service market. The company’s commitment to compliance, with a fully staffed in-house compliance department carrying over 300+ licenses across the U.S. and Canada, further exemplifies NSD as a well-established and credible industry leader.

4. Full Real-Time Transparency

We offer clients full transparency of their data, KPI’s and dispatch services in real-time. We afford our Service Providers the same level of transparency when it comes to their performance. Our Client Portal and Service Provider Portal allows for real-time analytics, reporting, and billing. This openness fosters accountability and enables informed decision-making, driving continuous improvement across our network.

5. Best NPS & CSAT Scores

NSD takes an objective, comprehensive approach in calculating our Net Promoter Score of 74+ and Customer Satisfaction Score of 95%. Our scores reflect full transparency by accounting for all customer feedback data across every single service call and vehicle situation – without any selective omission. This diligent, unfiltered methodology promotes true transparency, giving clients confidence that our top-ranked scores genuinely measure the entire end-to-end service experience. This commitment to transparency underscores our dedication to delivering consistently outstanding service and fostering trust with our clients.

6. High-Tech With Personal Touch

At NSD, we blend cutting-edge technology with a human-centric approach to deliver a premier high-tech, high-touch customer experience. Our proprietary dispatch technology utilizes advanced algorithms and real-time data to rapidly connect customers with top-rated Service Providers. However, we also maintain 24/7 in-house call centers that are staffed by knowledgeable agents to provide that personalized support. Customers have the flexibility to access service through digital channels like web and mobile apps, supplemented by live agent assistance if needed. Our high-tech with personal touch solutions cover all our offerings, including Accident Scene Management, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Secondary Towing, Last Mile Towing, and more. We offer customers live agent help, self-service options, or a seamless blend with uninterrupted data capture and support across channels. Premium concierge services include rideshare, accommodations, and personalized assistance.

Flexible Pricing Models

At NSD, we understand that every business is unique, with its own distinct needs and challenges. That’s why we offer the most flexible pricing models in the industry, designed to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

1. Pass-Through Program

A pricing model where NSD invoices client for the Service Provider charges plus an admistrative fee. This program is used by clients that want to retain the “risk” for tow services of their members.

2. Membership Program

A subscription-based model where clients pay a fee for each policy in force. The membership model transfers risk to the administrator of the program. The client pays the per policy fee and has no risk.

3. Flat Rate Program

A pricing model where the administrator charges a fixed price for a specific service, regardless of the actual cost. The flat rate program is utilized when there is sufficient data to predict the average tow distance. The flat rate model transfers some of the risk from the client to the administrator. Utilization frequency risk is retained by the client.

4. Hybrid Program

A hybrid pricing model combines elements of pass-through, membership, and flat rate programs. Hybrid or combination programs are used when the client wants to share the risk with the administrator. This program offers flexibility and customization for clients with varying needs.

Pricing Model Risk Scale

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