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Will Roadside Assistance Tow My Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?


If you drive a hybrid or electric car, you may wonder if traditional roadside assistance services are equipped to properly transport your technologically-advanced vehicle in case you experience a breakdown. After all, towing an electric or hybrid vehicle requires special care and handling compared to gasoline-powered cars.

Luckily, most major roadside assistance providers like Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) now train drivers in properly moving hybrids and EVs from the point of disablement without causing any damage. So you can rest assured that when you’re stranded with a dead battery or flat tire, a technician with the right skills, tools, and truck will show up ready to assist.

But not all roadside assistance plans are created equal when it comes to alternative-fuel vehicle compatibility. Here’s what you need to specifically ask about EV and hybrid coverage:

Special Equipment for Towing & Transport

Does the roadside assistance service have flatbed trucks equipped with the proper extensions, ramps and equipment to safely load and haul electric and hybrid cars? The last thing you want is any damage caused while your car is being towed after breaking down. Reputable providers will have the special wheel lift, pulley, and ramp mechanisms that gently transport hybrids and EVs without causing scratches, bumper issues, or alignment problems.

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Proper Battery Handling & Disconnecting

Roadside techs should be trained in properly disconnecting the battery system before towing in order to prevent electrical fires or corrosion. For hybrids, they must know which charged components need isolation and have the insulated gear to safely handle high-voltage systems if disconnecting the battery itself isn’t feasible. Ask your provider pointed questions about battery protocols to evaluate competency.

Distance & Recharging Capabilities

Will the tow truck be able to take your electric or hybrid vehicle to the nearest authorized dealership if needed? Do they have protocols for recharging EV batteries that are running low but the car isn’t completely disabled? The range of towing also matters for any leading roadside assistance service catering to alternative fuel vehicles.

When it comes to safely towing your modern hybrid or electric car, always verify that a roadside assistance plan has specialized training, equipment, and capabilities aligned specifically to EVs and HEVs. Our techs complete rigorous instruction for handling these vehicles properly. So if you drive an eco-friendly car and need a tow, we have the expertise to assist while keeping your beloved vehicle damage-free!

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