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Our Motto? Everyone Should Win.

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When drivers get in trouble, they want someone who can help them, either in a shop, at their home, or on the side of a busy highway.

That can be you. Get more business. Get paid faster. You can help drivers, help families and help yourself by joining a network of services providers.

It’s a model where everyone wins. We’d love for you to join us.

We’re Looking For Experts Who Are Looking To Help Others

Roadside Assistance

Join one of the nation’s largest roadside assistance networks and get more work. With NSD, you’ll get jobs in your area, thorough training, cutting-edge dispatch technology, and more.

Improve your cash flow and get paid twice per week. That’s a guarantee.

Become A Roadside Assistance Providers

Glass and Windshield Repair

When a windshield or window breaks, drivers need help fast. We are looking for technicians who can service them in a shop, at home, or even on the road.

Get paid faster. Get more work. See a clear future.

Join our glass and windshield repair network

Dent and Ding

Dents and dings turn into depreciation, which is why drivers appreciate quick and painless service. If you provide paintless dent repair or specialize in dings, give us a ring.

Smooth out problems, and elevate your business.

Join Our Dent And Ding Repair Network

Tire and Wheel

A flat tire or damaged wheel can ruin someone’s day. We want a team that can repair and replace, quickly and easily. No matter where the driver had the problem.

Patch things up. Get paid. It’s that simple.

Join Our Tire And Wheel Repair Network

Why Work With NSD? Because We Want To Work With You.

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Our customers count on us to represent them — and we count on you. That’s not something we take lightly. You have a business to run, and you deserve stability. That’s why we:

  • Pay quickly
  • Handle all claims
  • Work as dispatch, saving you time
  • Work with insurance companies
  • Celebrate good work with more work

Some companies see you as vendors and don’t want to pay you. We see you as partners and pay fast. When we all do good work together, we all win.

Join Our #1 Rated Network of Tow Providers


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