Get Total Protection Inside and Out with Our Bundles

Titanium Bundle

NSD Is the Best One-Stop Choice for More than Roadside Assistance

NSD is more than just a motor club

We offer comprehensive coverage for your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and everything in between. Our Titanium bundles have you fully covered.

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  • Flat tire and wheel damage protection – we’ll reimburse you for tire repairs, replacements, mounting/balancing, and even cosmetic wheel damage
  • Paintless dent repair to push out dings and dents – say goodbye to unsightly door dings and minor dents for good
  • Windshield repair for chips and cracks – small damage won’t turn into a major eyesore or expensive repair
  • Key replacement if keys are lost or inoperable – get back on the road quickly
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance across US and Canada – towing, battery jumps, flat tire changes, fuel/fluid delivery, lockout service, and more
  • Fast response times – help is just a phone call away day or night
  • Coverage for the unexpected bumps, dings and disasters that happen on the road
  • Comprehensive protection inside and out – we’ve got you fully covered
  • Total peace of mind knowing you’re protected on the road
  • Affordable, convenient bundles eliminate the need for multiple plans
  • Easy claims process online or over the phone

“NSD provides the best roadside assistance in the industry and total protection for your vehicle inside and out”

With NSD Titanium, you’ll have total peace of mind with 24/7 roadside assistance across the US and Canada. If you have a flat, lose your keys, or need a tow, we’ll be there in a flash with our fast response times.

But we don’t stop there …

Our bundles also offer extensive coverage for tire and wheel damage, windshield repairs, paintless dent removal, and more. Have a nail in your tire? We’ll reimburse you for the repair or replacement. Small chips in your windshield? We’ll fix them before they turn into cracks. Minor dings and dents bringing you down? Our paintless dent repair can make them disappear.

At NSD, we understand that accidents happen. With our Titanium bundles, your vehicle is covered both inside and out, so you can drive with confidence knowing that we have your back.

We’ve Seen It All

Imagine this…

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You’re driving along on a sunny day when suddenly you hear a loud pop. Before you know it, your tire is completely flat from a massive pothole you hit. While changing to your spare, you notice the rim is badly bent too. Just then, your phone rings – it’s your teenager stranded across town with a dead battery. What a day! But with our Titanium bundle, you’re covered. We’ll swiftly change your flat, reimburse you for the replacement tire and rim repair, and send someone to jump your child’s battery. You’ll be thankful for the total protection as you breathe a sigh of relief. At NSD, we’ll take care of the headaches so you can get back to your day. Our Titanium bundle provides complete coverage so you can drive with less stress and more confidence.

The Best Comprehensive Roadside Program In The Industry

We Got Everything Covered

Customer Obsession

Compassionate and expedient assistance for distressed customers in need is our expertise.

Flexible Service Model

NSD provides your customers with a live agent service, self-service, or a seamless combination of both.


NSD can handle any volume of calls and requests efficiently. High in-service rates with limited downtime.

You’re On The Side of Your Customers. We’re On Yours.

You want to offer financial protection and roadside peace of mind to your clients. We’ve got the technology, the network, and the people to make it happen. Let’s work together.