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Comprehensive Services for General Agents

We’re protecting your customers, your reputation, and your bottom line

Join the many Agents that benefit from partnering with NSD

You want to offer the most policies for your clients. You want to help brokers do more. You want to be their go-to carrier and broker. You want them to see you as a trusted source that helps make their lives better when something goes wrong.

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With NSD, you can. We don’t only offer you more policy possibilities: we’re your partners in growing your business. You can:

  • Mitigate your risk
  • Retain clients
  • Generate more referrals and more business
  • Differentiate your brand with unique offerings

Including NSD’s services in your offerings makes your policies more attractive to potential brokers.

Policies that Strengthen Your Brand

Your Name. Our Expertise.

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We’re here to give you flexibility and grow your general agency business. With NSD, you get:

  • Customization: Tailoring assistance packages allows insurance providers to match services with specific policies, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Ease of Use: White-labeled customizable online portals
  • Brand Differentiation: Unique offerings, such as specialized roadside assistance, can set insurance carriers apart in a crowded market.
  • Efficiency: Outsourcing assistance to NSD allows insurance companies to focus on core services, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Partnership Support: NSD offers partnership support, aiding insurance providers in designing effective marketing campaigns around their enhanced services.
  • Data Analysis: NSD can provide valuable data insights, helping insurers understand customer behavior and preferences for targeted offerings.

Service Your Customers Can Depend On

Your drivers depend on you. You want to offer them the most reliable protection and prove to be a name they can trust. We’ve got the technology, the service, and the people to fulfill your promise.


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What Do General Agents Need To Know About NSD?

You may not know all our services. But we understand your business.

Will this complicate my operations?

No — these value-added services are all handled in-house.

Do I have dedicated support teams?

Yes — all NSD partners have a team offering white-label, dedicated service.

Do I have insight into your services?

Yes — you get real-time data access for better total insight

Is it easy to get started?

It’s a snap: you get turnkey programs with simple, flexible implementations

You’re On The Side of Your Customers. We’re On Yours.

You want to offer financial protection and roadside peace of mind to your clients. We’ve got the technology, the network, and the people to make it happen. Let’s work together.