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When Celeberities Stop to Give Roadside Assistance


According to a US Magazine internet article, in 2017, an unidentified woman was driving down Highway 126, in Santa Paula, California, when she drove off the road and smacked into a tree. Amidst the smoke and debris, suddenly Indiana Jones appeared and helped her out of the car. As soon as he made sure that she was all right, Indy disappeared into the moonlight.

No, the woman was not experiencing hallucinations, Indy actor Harrison Ford was actually with friends in the area, and when he heard the crash performed the role of the hero that he plays on the screen so well.


Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) has played the role of the hero for more than sixty years. Millions of people have relied on NSD to rescue them from roadside peril. NSD has earned such an impeccable reputation as a result of the speed and efficiency in which these rescues are performed, that countless insurance companies, such as The General, and auto dealerships, like Buick, Chevrolet and Ford, all rely on NSD for roadside assistance.

The average NSD response time, being the time between when the distressed motorist contacts roadside assistance and when they are finally rescued, is 58 minutes, one of the shortest in the industry. For those unfortunate souls, who use another roadside assistance provider, time is of the essence.

One is very vulnerable, while waiting in their broken-down vehicle on the side of the road. If the vehicular failure occurs in the black of night, or if it occurs in a sketchy and dangerous area, the experience can be utterly terrifying.


In fact, the experience is so frightening that many good pedestrians offer their assistance when they see a car broken down on the side of the road. After all, imagine if it was their mother or wife, helpless in that vehicle. Wouldn’t they hope that people passing by would help them, and ensure their safety?

A handful of people in such dire circumstances have been shocked to see a celebrity offering help. According to a KETV story, an ABC affiliate, Tina Gunn was driving back from Minnesota when she experienced a flat tire. To make matters worse, Tina was unable to get a signal on her cell phone.

As the dark clouds began to rage around her car, suddenly a friendly pedestrian arrived, and fixed the flat within ten minutes. That friendly pedestrian was no other than Zach Twedt, a lineman for the football team the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Tina Gunn summarized the experience quite nicely.

“Just those small acts of kindness, that’s what we need. I think the world needs to see that. This guy wasn’t threatened by somebody like me or by my kids that were in the car. He wanted to help us out of the goodness of his heart.”

Another similar story was featured on the website Hollywood Life. Courtney Potts was driving with her two children in the back seat, when she got a flat. She pulled over and minutes later Luke Bryan, the famous country singer, showed up and fixed it for her!


In an interview with Movie Web, Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer discussed an event 25 years ago, before she was famous, and her beat up car broke down. A bunch of people watched from a Beverly Hills café across the street, but no one helped. Finally, a guy stops and gets off of his motorcycle. He then pushes the car off the road to safety. The good Samaritan happened to be Matrix star Keanu Reeves!

Roadside assistance is a peculiar event. When a random good pedestrian decides to help a distressed motorist, the situation could be extraordinary. In 2019, a New York Post article was about when former Secretary of State Colin Powell got a flat tire on his way to Walter Reed Medical Center. While the retired general was fixing the flat in the bitterly cold weather, a car pulls up and a man with an artificial leg got out and helped him. Turns out that this friendly pedestrian lost his leg while working as a civilian employee in Afghanistan.


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