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How Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Tracking Management Can Improve a Landscaping Business

A leader in the landscaping industry needs an effective fleet management service to deliver appropriate landscaping services to each customer in a timely fashion. Nation Safe Drivers provides all the logistic tools necessary to transform any landscaping company into a competitive titan.

According to the IBIS World Landscaping Services Industry Report, in 2021 the landscaping industry was given a market size of $105.1 billion. This massive figure includes the jobs of more than a million people and represents 604,163 different landscaping businesses. The report also included the fact that landscaping companies were experiencing impressive revenue gains as of the middle of 2020. Partly, because COVID intensified the consumer’s interest in gardening.

Everyone wants some green on their property. In fact, according to this Duke research paper, people are willing to pay more for a property if it contains a stretch of nature. As a result, a nicely landscaped piece of property is a good investment. Technology, real estate, entertainment, music distribution are all investments that may not be as bountiful tomorrow as they are today. A plot of nature, however, will always preserve its value. As civilization evolves into a super-sonic technological ecosphere, the sparse remaining lots of nature become even more precious, as they remind us of a simpler time.

A lawn maintenance company requires low operating expenses and overhead. The landscaping industry is so fruitful because of its high demand, low expenses and dependable investment. A few trucks, the right equipment, and a crew of hardworking employees, and viola, we have a landscaping company. However, to create a prosperous landscaping company one needs a fleet management service to ensure all the logistic needs are met. In addition, a proficient fleet management team will provide the “cutting” edge to lift a landscaping company above the competition.

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The Benefits a Landscaping Company Gains by Joining Nation Safe Drivers

Nation Safe Drivers’ GPS fleet maintenance has allowed countless industries to reduce expenses, reduce fleet damage, and increase revenue. Monitoring the assets of a business more closely is the most effective way to increase productivity. The landscaping industry is even more likely to benefit from NSD tracking services, because of the industry’s reliance on their vehicles and equipment. Here are just a few reasons why NSD Fleet Tracking is so essential to a successful landscaping company.

  1. Fuel consumption minimized
  2. Driver behavior and patterns are monitored
  3. Vehicle maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics are observed in real-time
  4. Automatic logs and asset tracking reveal indisputable productivity
  5. Safety is increased
  6. Employees become more productive
  7. Communication is improved throughout the entire fleet
  8. Managers can more easily assign the right equipment to each assignment
  9. Revenue increased
  10. Accidents decreased

Naturally, a business owner may doubt that a company can provide such priceless benefits. After all, the previously listed ten benefits will allow any landscaping company to surge leaps ahead of its competition. By joining forces with NSD, each of the benefits are a natural reaction to real-time tracking.

Monitoring a fleet of vehicles with NSD, every aspect can be analyzed as well as regulated. For example, different speeds can be set for different vehicles; driving patterns can be monitored to ensure safety as well as gas-efficiency; instead of devoting time to tedious paperwork and logging chores, employees can devote 110% to the work at hand; a manager can see in real-time where all vehicles are.

Roadside Assistance

Just because a company utilizes fleet tracking, does not necessarily mean that all these amazing benefits will transpire. On the market there are countless fleet tracking programs. NSD is the only choice that provides a stellar fleet tracking service coupled with the greatest roadside assistance package available.

NSD has been helping stranded motorists for more than six decades. Over this time, NSD has perfected roadside assistance. A landscaping vehicle breaks down on the way to a job. Without NSD, such a mechanical breakdown would result in a neglected, angry, and possibly lost customer. With NSD roadside assistance, the driver would just press a button on their smartphone and be back on the road in record time.

Decisions Based on Facts

The job of every business owner is to make important decisions. Without hard evidence, decisions are often based on flimsy assumptions. Landscaping companies find that fleet tracking records and logs allow them to adjust their bottom line, focusing more on certain areas while removing inefficiencies. For example, drivers who remain idle on the side of the road, faulty equipment maintenance, routes that waste gas are all key metrics that are reflected in NSD fleet tracking.

After a while, NSD members can collect this information and compile an illustrating glimpse into their business. With such information, business owners can make those important decisions and be correct all the time. A landscaping fleet is composed of countless parts. A business may find that they need more of one and less of another.

Decisions Based on Facts

A landscaping company relies on the efficiency of their vehicles and equipment more than other businesses. Assigning the right vehicle, equipment, and employees can be the difference between a satisfied and disgruntled customer. As with every industry, a landscaping business will benefit with the ability to monitor all vehicles and drivers. In addition, real-time tracking of vehicles is the greatest way to ensure that they stay in good mechanical condition. Everyone is vulnerable to flat tires or accidents. NSD Roadside Assistance will ensure any breakdown is rectified as quickly as possible.

Nation Safe Drivers Fleet Management covers all the logistics of a landscaping company. In the end, the customer is the one who benefits the most.

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