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Driven to Protect Your Customers, On and Off The Road

The nation’s largest roadside assistance network, automotive warranties and claims provider.

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The #1 Rated Network of Service Providers

The right people making things right for your drivers

Industry-Leading Technology

Solving problems quickly, easily, and transparently

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Because your customers deserve the very best

Dedication to Drivers

Decades of experience providing private label services for our clients

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Protecting Your Customers. Backing Your Promise.

Roadside Services

When your customers get in trouble on the road, they care about one thing: that help is on its way. You’ve promised them you’ll take care of them.

With Nation Safe Drivers behind you, that’s a promise you can fulfill. From towing to charging to tire changing, our network gets your customers back on the road. And they’ll have your private label roadside assistance to thank for it.

  • 60 person roadside provider network development team
  • Enough providers — trained in meeting your KPIs

There’s a reason we’re the #1 Roadside Assistance Provider.

Learn more about our Roadside Assistance Programs

Finance and Insurance Products

When customers buy a car, they want to know that they’re protected from financial risk (or worse)! You want to offer them a suite of protection products if something goes wrong with their car or with financing.

With NSD, you can offer them all the protection they need to be completely covered on the road ahead.

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Claims and Administration
  • Insurance and Carrier Products

With decades of experience, in-house Call Centers and Compliance teams, we here at Nation Safe Drivers guarantee the best service for you and your customers. Find out more now about our protection products.

Learn more about our F&I products

A Comprehensive Network of Service For All Our Clients

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No matter how you serve your customers, we’re at your service. We have decades of expertise helping our customers promise and deliver even more to their customers.

Selling. Renting. Fixing. Insuring. If you build it, move it, or protect it, you deserve a partner who stands behind you.

Service Your Customers Can Depend On

Your customers depend on you. You want to offer them the most reliable protection and prove to be a name they can trust. We’ve got the technology, the service, and the people to fulfill your promise.


Customer Retention


Network Service Vehicles


Ranked Independent Motor Club

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Backed by Industry-Leading In-House Compliance

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Federal law. Overlapping state regulations. Complex compliance issues are a big hassle when offering insurance or financial products. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Nation Safe Drivers, we ensure compliance at every step. Our in-house team is fully licensed and trained to resolve problems and handle complexity.

We’ll make the calls. We’ll handle the research. We’ll fill out the forms. You keep your business — and your clients — safe, on and off the road.

Learn more about how compliance works for you

NSD: A People-Powered Technology Company

Employee Owned. Dedicated to Your Success.

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When a driver has a bad day, they want help. They turn to the protection you offer. And we back that up. We only consider the job done when we help you fulfill your promise.

As an employee-owned company, we only succeed when we provide the highest-quality service to our customers. We’re proud to provide a best in class experience for everyone.

We’re here to help turn bad days into good ones. That’s how we define our success.

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“I use the technology Nation Safe Driver provides my drivers to keep them safe. But I rely on the people behind the technology. They look after my customers, and look after me.

You’ve Got Your Customer’s Back. We’ve Got Yours.

You want to offer financial protection and roadside peace of mind to your clients. We’ve got the technology, the network, and the people to make it happen. Let’s work together.